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Welcome to Thompson & Richardson one+one

One+one is a simplified on-line advice system which will help you to access basic savings and investment products from Parmenion Investment Management, with a bespoke personal solution and recommendation, backed by Thompson & Richardson Financial Planning.

Why one+one?

You may have been directed here by one of our advisers, or maybe just landed on it via our website. We have introduced one+one as part of recognising that not everyone needs full financial planning advice at every stage in life.

Sometimes, we have a pretty good idea of what we want, but just need some re-assurance that what we are doing is the right thing without committing to both the time and cost of full financial advice.

In understanding this, we have introduced our one+one service because it’s simple, value for money and is as easy as adding up 1+1!

This service only offers a limited range of products from Parmenion Investment Management, comprising of NISA’s (Stocks & Shares only) plus investments into unit trust and OEIC funds. You can invest a lump sum, regularly, or a combination of both.

In addition, as and when you need more in depth face to face advice, you will can access one of our experienced Financial Planners to help you. This may incur a cost, but we will tell you that up front, before we start any work.

How do I get started?

To find out more and what our recommendations could be, click on the ‘Let’s get Started!’ button below, read our Client Agreement and tick to acknowledge you have understood it and off you go!

The first part of the advice process will be very general and if you like what you see and receive, you can then go back and proceed – you will then need to provide more personal information to conclude the advice and application process.

At any point you can elect to speak to one of our advisers (during office hours) to help you though the process or answer any questions.

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We are always keen to receive any feedback on our services, which can be delivered easily through our feedback questionnaire at the end of the process, through the Get in Touch page of our website, or just pick up the phone and call 01522 513191.

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