Blog – New Year Financial Resolutions!

Fri 8th Dec, 2017 - 4:59 pm - 0 Comments

I see that the Lincoln Christmas Market is with us again and how this event seems to come round quickly!! To me, this signals the start of the festive period and also my thoughts for getting together my New Years’ resolutions – normally eat less, do more exercise and work off the Christmas cheer!! And by the end of Jan its back to normal!

So what can we do that will hold the clients’ interest that will last longer than a month? Well, at T&R, we now have some powerful software delivering Financial Plans that will seriously last a lifetime. We’ve been working on this for 2 years and some clients have already been exposed to benefits it can offer – meeting their aspirational needs with confidence. Clients mainly want to know one thing: will I ever run out of money? I believe we can show clients how and what they need to do to give them this confidence.

Therefore why not make a New Year’s resolution to ask your Adviser to give you the evidence of a lifelong Financial Plan, to give you the confidence to enjoy your lifetime ambitions for the future?


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