BLOG – Be Prepared!

Fri 2nd Mar, 2018 - 12:14 pm - 0 Comments


Well I don’t think much of the UK was prepared for the weather we’ve had this week – me included.

Everyone in our office had a Snow Day at home on Wednesday after hearing the horror stories of people sat on the bypass around Lincoln for 5 hours and still not moving!!

What is surprising though is that when we were able to get into the office on Thursday and Friday it was obvious that some people had decided that having an unexpected day at home was a good opportunity to start sorting through their financial affairs, something that they never really have time to do in a normal week. We’ve had a number of telephone enquiries from people seeking help making sense of their pensions, options on future savings, and reviewing their protection requirements.

An unexpected day at home is a great time to think about money and how you can make a plan to enable you to achieve your financial goals, both short and long term.

No doubt next week will be busy, both on the roads and in work with everyone catching up from the days lost this week.

Hoping that you all stay warm and stay safe.


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