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Mon 12th Mar, 2018 - 12:30 pm - 1 Comment

We talk all the time to clients about achieving our goals in life, but as advisers do we ‘Walk the Talk’? That’s a question I have been asked by a client and the honest answer is we try. But as human beings we are maybe not completely successful all the time, but here’s an example of how my wife and I tried to do this.

When my youngest son (James) decided to go to Australia ‘for a while..’ after completing his Masters Degree last August, it was pretty inevitable we could only go so long before we would want to catch up with him and make sure everything was OK i.e. he hadn’t been lost to a hedonistic life of drugs and booze (more than he had at university in Leeds for the last 4 years!!).

We rationalised that Oz was somewhere we had not been and if we were going to travel that far, we may as well combine a ‘Bucket List Trip’ with seeing James. All of which meant going for much longer than our normal 10-14 days.

Planning the trip was pretty straightforward with the assistance of a very good travel agent in the UK, but then planning to be away from work for nearly 4 weeks was another task.

As we near the end of our trip, how has it all gone? Well the flights out were long but comfortable, the Road Trip from Brisbane (where James is now living) up to Cairns went well, the distances are just incredible compared to the UK (we covered over 1000 miles in 2 weeks) and we got to see a lot of the Sunshine Coast. I won’t say we saw a lot of Australia, because its such a vast country, but we did see the main parts of Queensland and added a long weekend in Sydney to the itinerary.

We are now in Sydney, wrapping up our trip and doing some sightseeing, befere we return home next week.

But to the point – this has proved to us that with planning and resources, those Bucket List ambitions can be done. I warned a lot of clients I would be away, which they accepted, Lucy has more than capably dealt with anything that has cropped up and we have had a fantastic experience and spent some real quality time with our son and seen so much more of Australia than we would have done with a 10-14 day holiday.

So, go on, identify those big ambitions, plan for them and go do it – the world is out there and waiting and your world will still be there when you get back!

I attach a simple photo of a lazy Saturday lunchtime in Watsons Bay Sydney, watching the world go by – a little bit of unreality, before reality returns next week!!


  1. Paul F says:

    Good on you Andy, love it. Work hard and play hard in equal measures is the way!

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