BLOG – Time!

Fri 13th Apr, 2018 - 10:58 am - 0 Comments

Last week I was stuck in an airport with a 12 hour flight delay. “What a waste of time” was my first thought and to be honest for most of that 12 hours it was a waste of time.

It got me thinking however about how in this day and age time is so precious. We try and cram so much into the spare time we have now.  We all want and expect holidays, to be able to follow leisure activities and hobbies as well as work, have a family life and sleep.

Having been in financial planning for over 25 years it made me think about how the work we do now for clients around financial planning has changed so much. Now financial planning is much more about saving the clients the time and effort required to pull together everything they need to meet their individual financial plans.  We take on the work of getting individuals to where they want to be whether that be having an investment strategy for their children’s education, an exit strategy from their business, retirement, inheritance tax planning etc.

I wonder what financial planning will look like in another 25 years from now (hopefully I will be well retired by then and it will be someone else that has the work to do).


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