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Fri 14th Sep, 2018 - 10:50 am - 0 Comments

Well, what a week!

It was my first full week back after returning to the office midway last week post annual leave having been away exploring the beautiful country that is Croatia and some of its Islands. As is always the case coming back from holiday it’s manic getting up to speed and on top of the inevitable mountain of emails etc that have accrued whilst being away. 2 seminars out of the office on Tuesday and Wednesday didn’t help this cause either.

Whilst Tuesday’s seminar was spent at Wetherby keeping abreast of all things mortgage related there was a main takeaway point for me. This was the recently released industry statistics showing there are approximately 800,000 people in the UK currently on Standard Variable Rates (which may be anything from 4.00% upwards) – is this you? If so why not get in touch today for a free review of the deals on the market and see how we can help? It’s as good a time as any to take this opportunity in your own hands.

Speaking of ‘taking the opportunity into your own hands’ Wednesday was spent in Birmingham with the Directors and fellow advisors at T&R and another 400-odd peers within the Financial Planning industry at the annual Back2Y conference that is run by Mr Paul Armson.

What a day it was. We all need a metaphorical kick in the backside sometimes and this was as good a way as any to do so. The seminar had some truly inspirational and thought-provoking speakers that really made me take stock and ask myself some difficult questions over the last few days of myself professionally.

The main theme of this year’s seminar was really around the understanding of ‘being the best version of you’ and making sure we ‘walk the talk’. Now, you may ask what relevance this has to Financial Planning but bear with me. The message that I certainly took from it is that as soon as we as advisors either rest on our laurels, accept second best or find ourselves in a situation where we’re afraid to put ourselves out there we’re failing our clients.

As advisors, we have a responsibility to ask very difficult questions of ourselves and make sure that we’re striving for the best in our given fields – how are we supposed to ask clients to trust us if we’re not prepared to make difficult and somewhat unpopular decisions for ourselves? Push ourselves out of our comfort zones and challenge our own thinking? Ultimately in our meetings we ask clients to move outside their comfort zone and trust our understanding and expertise – but are we really ‘walking the talk’ that we give to clients daily if we’re not experiencing the same uncomfortable situations they may find themselves in?

One quote that came out of the day that was quite pertinent I felt was:

‘What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make’ – Jane Goodall

As Financial Planners/Advisors we have an opportunity to help shape the industry and make a real difference in client’s lives. It really gave me some food for thought and made me challenge my current stance on things.

Another game of rugby this weekend scheduled (surprise surprise) and hopefully catching up on some well-earned sleep.


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