BLOG – Do I plan to fail or do I fail to plan? Let’s be Smart!

Fri 28th Jun, 2019 - 9:39 am - 0 Comments

Why do I set a challenge? We all set challenges. Some of us are competitive others like to have that purpose or focus in life. I’m both I suppose but it has focused my mind and my challenge is not to fail!!!!

But am I smart?

Well to be smart it’s about being specific in my objectives – my running pal was specific: “We need a challenge for 2019 – let’s do a 1,000kms” but I thought he said 1,000 miles – so I’ve signed up for doing 1,609.35kms to be precise!

Measurable – definitely get yourself a fancy Polar or Garmin. Every runner has one and it tells you everything.

Can I achieve the target – well only by planning. I decided to get ahead of the Summer months to avoid the warmer times(!) but also so I can take a break and I might get injured – and I have at times!

I’m now 515 miles in so my plan is currently on track and it feels I’m being realistic in my expectations. Will I hit my target – I’m planning on sticking to the task so I hope so.

My challenge is a bit like having a Financial Plan – you might want to set some smart objectives for yourself.

Your Financial Plan could be that starting point in setting your purpose and your challenge in life, but you need to be smart.

There’s plenty of support out there (not just a good Garmin is needed) and even a good Adviser can help! It’s a bit like my running pal – he’s got a different target but his mentoring and encouragement is helping me achieve my aims – it’s a lonely trek running sometimes and your financial objectives could feel the same. Be smart for the lifestyle you want to enjoy for today, but also  plan for your future lifestyle by having your own plan. Have a mentor or coach to support your plans and make them accountable – some call it “holding your clients’ feet to the fire” – make your Adviser accountable for your actions, prioritise and don’t do it alone, otherwise you’re running those lonely miles!

If you feel you need a bit of help to get your lifestyle on track, give one of us at T&R a call.



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