Succession Planning

The holy grail for most business owners

Whether it is a sale, wind down or just reducing day to day involvement, it not something to be taken lightly, nor achieved in 3 months!

Our experience of advising lots of small to medium sized (mainly) family businesses over the years has enabled us to see, experience and understand both the options and challenges.

Our team thrive in the discussions, the emotions and the journey of helping business owners plan and set up their ultimate lifestyle decision. This can range from how to deal with the proceeds of a sale/buy-out in the most tax efficient and investment savvy manner, to beginning to look at the many options and challenges available for your exit.

Through our wide experience, we adopt a collegiate (many heads, bring better ideas!) approach to helping you find the route best suited to you, your business, its people and your family. It will usually take a long time and that’s why our relationship based service is ideal to help keep you on track and flex with the inevitable changes that are needed along the way.