Corporate Retirement Planning

Most people who run their own enterprise would like to know that when the time comes to think about retirement their business will provide them with the comfort in retirement they are looking for. However this assumes two things. Firstly, your business will still be trading in years to come, and secondly there is a suitable buyer that will pay you what you think it is worth at the precise time you want to sell.

If a sale is not possible, (or not something you wish to contemplate) you may then wish to continue to draw a salary into retirement. This income will rely on the ability of the remaining decision makers in the business to continue to generate turnover and profit.

If this is the scenario you are faced with, it could mean you are not in complete control of your retirement income, something you would wish to avoid at just the time you want to take a step back from things.

It pays therefore to have a back-up plan, one that means you are in control of when you retire and how much income you want to receive. Something that runs alongside your business. Most importantly you will want this plan to be shaped and funded by your business.

We have helped many corporate clients achieve sustainable retirement plans, that leave them in control, and help them properly plan for their own retirement.

By speaking to our highly qualified advisers, we can determine the most suitable strategy, so you can realise your ambitions.

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