Estate Planning

When you have worked hard and accumulated assets and wealth, it can be a devastating prospect to think that 40% of your assets will be taken in tax upon your death. Equally, if you are due to receive a legacy, to see a chunk of your families hard earned wealth going to the taxman, can be distressing – especially if your nearest and dearest don’t want to talk about it!

Inheritance Tax has many aspects and ensuring you preserve as much as you can for the next generation is an emotional dilemma and often complex process, which generally takes some years to devise and implement.

Basics For Estate Planning

For many families, it is also an emotive and sensitive subject, which is more easily avoided, than discussed!

The close professional relationships we build with our clients means we are uniquely positioned to facilitate these discussions, sensitively and ensuring that the elders in your family have their lifestyle and needs looked after first, before any tax planning takes place.

Speak to one of our experienced and qualified advisers on how to develop a long term strategy for progressively preserving and passing on your family wealth.