How We Deliver Advice

We don’t pretend that proper financial planning can be done in an hour! In fact we pride ourselves to ensure we do things carefully and fully. But we always put you, our client, at the centre of things. It is your money, and it is your ambitions that really matter to us. Taking short cuts usually ends in disappointment.

We adopt a 6 stage process with all our client meetings, which are briefly highlighted below:

  • Step 1 – Discovery – We will sit down with every new client and find out what they want to achieve and whether we are best placed to help them. An important part will be to explain to you how we are paid for the work we do, and agree between us a mutually beneficial relationship. This meeting is at no cost to you, and places you under no obligation.
  • Step 2 – Planning Meeting – Once we have agreed the basis on which we can help you, we shall then seek to understand much more about you. We do this to ensure that we can precisely understand your current circumstances, find out what you want to achieve, by when, and discuss how much (or how little) risk you are willing and able to take. At the end of this meeting we will have a clear understanding about you, your current situation and future aims and ambitions.
  • Step 3 – Analysis – We now need to analyse what you have said and consider how we can meet your objectives. This is where behind the scenes, we employ our team of specialists to research and come up with what we think is the best plan for you. We may also have to obtain information, perhaps from your existing plan providers, so this may mean we take a little time to do this. But don’t worry we will be in touch with you along the way. Where appropriate, we will also include building your personal cash flow plan and sourcing the most appropriate solution from comprehensive market.
  • Step 4 – Presentation – Once we are happy we have thoroughly completed our research we are ready to see you again to present the financial plan. This is where we can recap on our previous discussions, and explain to you our recommendations and how they help you achieve your financial goals.
  • Step 5 – Implementation – Once you have had the chance to consider the recommendations we then set about turning the plan into a reality. This involves completion of the forms, and explaining to you the timescales of putting things in place.
  • Step 6 – Monitoring – It is vital that we meet on a regular basis to monitor things. How often we meet will be determined by you and the complexity of the financial plan. But it is at this meeting where we can check your goals as they may have changed! We will look at the financial plan to ensure it is still on track.

You can be assured that at every step of the way we are here for you, you are free to call and speak to your Financial Adviser or Client Manager.

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