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Understanding our client's lifestyle risks

When the team at Thompson and Richardson have spent time with clients understanding their future goals and ambitions, we also need to consider that modern day life is rarely a smooth progression, those ‘twists and turns’, as we describe them, are real risks to future happiness and fulfilment.

Our role is to highlight the principal risks to you and your family along life’s highway and how best to safeguard against them.

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The principal risks are the ability to generate income and capital – the risk to the breadwinner(s). So, when we are advising you on how to fulfil your future ambitions, we will consider those risks and make recommendations as to how they can be protected against illness, accident and death.

Many advisers and people purely focus on death – but there is a far greater probability of suffering a serious health problem or accident, with a prolonged absence from work, than there is of passing away.

Whether simple and straightforward or complex and difficult, you can be confident that the solution we recommend will be based on understanding your unique situation and tailored to your needs.

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