Retirement Planning

At Thompson & Richardson our role is to help you identify what retirement means to you

And to consider how the different options available could provide you with enough income from your existing investments and pension savings to provide a comfortable lifestyle in retirement.

Having saved your whole working life, your pension pot could be the single largest amount of money you will ever have, possibly worth even more than your home.   However, this money has to provide an income for the rest of your life and many people retiring now can expect to live in excess of 25 years.

It may be that your pension savings consist of a number of different pensions relating to different periods of employment and/or self-employment and Thompson & Richardson can help you to simplify and consolidate these plans into a suitable retirement income stream.

Income Planning

Our Cashflow modelling will help you to identify how much you will need to live the life you want in retirement.  We can map out your finances to consider your needs and then look at all the following options to best fulfil your needs:


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Investing For Income

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… As you know I was dreading the milestone of retirement, but thanks to your invaluable help & advice and talking everything through in layman’s terms, it made the whole situation so much easier.

Now that everything is in place, I can honestly say I won’t be looking for employment and I am making the most of my new found freedom in retirement.