Targeting Retirement

Looking forward to Retiring?

Looking ahead to your retirement, occurs at different points for different people:

  • Maybe the children have flown the nest and it’s time to focus on you, you, you.
  • You might have passed a milestone birthday and think, Wow! it’s coming up fast, I’d better start thinking seriously.
  • A life event may trigger the thoughts that life can be far too short, so let’s get organised.

Whatever the reason, there’s lots of positive support for bringing ‘life after work’ into sharp focus and beginning to work out how it will all happen.

Setting aside the time to plan is the hardest first step!

Let your imagination run free

But it shouldn’t – planning for your future retirement should be something where you can really let your imagination and dreams run free, thinking carefully about what you will do with the freedom from work and business and the available time.

  • When do you want to retire?
  • What will you fill your time with?
  • What long held ambitions and goals do you want to fulfil?

Dropping anchor at your favourite place or hitting the road to explore new horizons are all fine, but letting reality creep in means we also need the means (money!) to enable us to do all these things – and that’s where we can help.

Professionally qualified advisers

One of our professionally qualified advisers, will help you to quantify what financial resources you will require (capital and income), what you already have (or will have) available and identify if there is a shortfall. From this analysis we can help you plan what action is required to make up that shortfall and the risks involved.

Many of our clients will use pensions alongside cash, property, business assets, ISA’s and any other type of investment which will deliver income and or capital when it is needed.

Meet our team

Pull together your resources

Our role is to pull together what your resources can deliver towards your goals.

We will build a detailed lifetime cashflow model to show you where you are and what is needed to achieve your goals and ambitions

And finally, we will work with you to review your arrangements on an agreed and regular basis to ensure you get to that point of retirement.